5th Macau International Diving Invitational 2014

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Singapore Diving participated in the 5th Macau International Diving Invitation 2014 held at Olympic Sports Center – Aquatic Centre, Macao China from 19-24 November 2014. The contingent consist of 7 officials and 11 athletes from both the National Open Squad and the National Age Group Squad.

Congratulation divers on the personal achievement for the last overseas competition of 2014! The results are as follows:

Name Event Score Position
Timothy Lee 3m Springboard (Open Men) 306.75 1st
Fong Kay Yian 3m Springboard (Open Women) 240.7 3rd
Synchronised 3m Springboard (Open Women) 240.09 2nd
Ashlee Tan 3m Springboard (Open Women) 214.25 4th
Synchronised 3m Springboard (Open Women) 240.09 2nd
Joshua Chong Synchronised 1m Springboard (Age Junior) 147.06 1st
Platform (Age Junior Boys-Grp C) 226.95 1st
Lee Yi Synchronised 1m Springboard (Age Junior Boys) 147.06 1st
1m Springboard (Age Junior Boys- Grp B) 261.75 1st
Arielle Huang Synchronised 1m Springboard (Age Junior Girls) 135.12 1st
Platform (Age Junior Girls- Grp B) 212.35 1st
1m Springboard (Age Junior Girls- Grp B) 234.95 3rd
Melissa Yeoh Synchronised 1m Springboard (Age Junior Girls) 135.12 1st
5m Platform (Age Junior Girls-Grp C) 161.4 2nd
Jonathan Chan Platform (Group Open Men) 380.5 1st
Freida Lim Platform (Group Open Women) 224 1st
Kimberly Chan Platform (Group Open Women) 190.6 3rd
Mira Dewan 1m Springboard (Age Junior Girls- Grp B) 247 2nd

5th FINA Diving International- FINA Diving Grand Prix 2014 (SIN)

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17/10/2014 : The first day of the FINA Diving Grand Prix Singapore 2014 kicked off on Friday evening at the OCBC Aquatic Centre featuring some of the world’s best divers competing in the 3m Women Preliminaries, 3m Women Semi-Finals, and the 10m Synchronised Men Finals. Chen AiSen and Zhang Yanquan from China clinched first place in the 10m Synchronised Men Finals, while Juan Rios Morales and Victor Ortega Serna from Columbia achieved second place. The action will resume on Saturday with the 3m Synchronised Women Finals, 3m Men Finals and the 10m Women Finals.

18/10/2014 : The second day of the FINA Diving Grand Prix Singapore 2014 continued to enthrall diving fans on Saturday afternoon at the OCBC Aquatic Centre, featuring some of the world’s and Asia’s finest divers competing in the 3m Synchronised Women Finals, 3m Men Finals and the 10m Women Finals. The duo of Ng Yan Yee and Cheong Jun Hoong from Malaysia clinched first placing in the 3m Synchronised Women Finals, posting a final score of 289.80 points, while diving twins Choi Sut Ian and Choi Sut Kan from Macau achieved second place with a total score of 270.48.

In the 3m Men Finals, He Chao of China earned a score of 525.35 points to secure first place, while his compatriot Li Shixin obtained 498.60 points to earned second placing. Malaysia’s Azman Ahmad Amsyar took third placing with a total of 420.65 points. Over at the 10m Women Finals, Si Yajie from China managed to bag 380.95 points to come in first in the 10m Women’s Finals while her compatriot Ji Siyu scored 372.70 points. Loh Zhia Yi from Malaysia took home third placing with a total score of 320.05.

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4th Diving Inter-School Championships 2014 (5th July 2014) ending with a Splash!

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The 4th Singapore Inter-Schools Diving Championship 2014 was held on 5 July 2014 in the OCBC Aquatic Centre, Singapore Sports Hub. Participants from school levels as young as primary school to tertiary level across the nation competed against each other to vie for gold. This year, over 50 participants taking part taking part in the annual series.

1m Age A Men Ben Sng from National University beat off Amirul Ammar Bin Ameer and Rayyan Bin Ramli, both from Ngee Ann Polytechnic, to claim gold.

Despite being one of the oldest in the field and in his first competition, Sng was not affected in any way as he earned a score of 75.70.  “I was pretty nervous because this is my first competition and I didn’t do well for some dives, but I will work on improving them,” Sng said.

Similarly in her first competition, Ngee Ann Polytechnic first-year student Dara Lim was pleased that her first outing in a competitive event yielded dividends. “It was quite scary, but I guess when you get on the board, you just calm down and do your best,” she said. “It is quite good to be winning, since it is my first time diving.”

Miss the live action? Catch the short video clip from Voxsport team during the competition. (Voxsport Media Coverage)

The results are as follows:

Age E 1m Women

United World College of South East Asia (UWCSEA) Haley Anna Houghton: 76.45

Haig Girls School Megan Lee: 70.75


 Age E 1m Men

St Joseph Institution (Junior) Justin Emmanuel Tan:  75.40

ACS Junior diver Shek Yan Yim:  75.20.

St Joseph Institution (Junior) Max Lee: 74.00 


Age D 1m Women

CHIJ Primary Toa Payoh Nicole Long:107.40

Raffles Girls Primary School Lara Tan: 85.25


Age D 1m Men

Maris Stella High School Primary Hobbes Chan: 78.75

UWCSEA East Jonathan Henry Houghton: 74.80

Maris Stella High School Primary Zachary Phuah: 72.80


Age D Platform Men

ACS Junior Nicholas Khew: 120.15

ACS Barker Primary Shiv Dewan: 118.05

St Joseph Primary John Kuah: 114.65


Age C Platform Women

CHIJ Primary Toa Payoh Nicole Tan: 116.90.

Northland Primary School Alicia Ho: 104.70


Age C Platform Men

Catholic High School Arryl Tham: 113.65

Nanyang Primary School Jaden Issac: 107.10

Northland Primary School James Ho: 98.45


Age C 1m Men

St Joseph Instituion Joseph Kuah: 104.25

Pei Hwa Presbyterian Primary James Li: 97.90


Age B 1m Women

Singapore Chinese Girls School Lauren Goh: 113.20


Age B 1m Men

Tampines Secondary School Foon Yang Zheng:  105.90

St Joseph Institution Emmanuel Kuah: 98.90


Age A 1m Men

National University of Singapore Ben Sng:  78.70

Ngee Ann Polytechnic Ammirul Armmar Shal Bin Ameer: 75.35

Ngee Ann Polytechnic Rayyan Bin Ramli: 73.00


Age A 1m Women

Ngee Ann Polytechnic Dara Lim:  85.05

Ngee Ann Polytechnic Caroline Zhang: 79.20

Ngee Ann Polytechnic Sherdyn Teng:  72.55


Tertiary 1m Women

Ngee Ann Polytechnic Corrine Kok:   73.80

Ngee Ann Polytechnic Tay Wei Lin: 66.20


Tertiary 1m Men

Ngee Ann Polytechnic Daniel Yang: 140.15

Ngee Ann Polytechnic Jamus Toh:  85.90

Ngee Ann Polytechnic Aaron Jiang: 62.80

Official Results of the 4th Diving Inter-School  can be obtained here: View File

See you next year for the 5th Diving Inter-School Championships 2015!

Updates: Singapore National Diving Championships 2014 (05-06 July 2014)

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The Singapore National Diving Championships took place at the OCBC Aquatic Centre, on 5th -6th July 2014. A total of 54 divers took part in this competition, with athletes from Macau, Beijing, New South Wales (NSW), Uzbekistan, and Singapore.

Day One of competition kicked off with the FINA 1m Age A Men event, where Nathan Calman brought took the Gold for NSW, leaving Mirkarimov Mirzakhid with silver, and Tang Hio Fong with bronze. The 1m Age A Women’s event Lo I Teng of Macau sealed the gold medal with a score of 392.55. Isabella Ashdown came in second with a score of 355.75 and Kristina Amiraslanova, bronze with 288.95. Platform Age B Women’s followed shortly after, with Maddison Pullinger bagging the Gold with 304.75, Hannah Tam in silver with 220.95, and Angelina Shmidt in bronze with 218.35. For the 3m Age C Boys event, Hanis Nazirul of Malaysia came in first with a score of 346.80, silver went to Lei Wai Shing with a score of 305.30, and bronze went to Jellson Jabillin, 301.55.

In the 3m Age C Womens event, Malaysia continued its streak with Megan Teoh coming in first, having a 23 point lead over Ng Pui Lam, and leaving Millicent Marks with a bronze medal, 242.10. Open Men Synchonized 3m featured twin brothers Timothy and Mark Lee and put up a stable set of dives to leave them with Gold with a score of 361.11. Second place went to Tang Hio Fong and Lei Wai Shing 257.10. Third went to Botirov Doston and Khasanov Botir of Uzbekistan with 249.36.

The next event was the Open Women’s Synchronised 3m, with tight competition between Singapore’s top diving women’s pair and experienced Macau divers. After the 5 rounds of dives Macau emerged victorious with Myra Lee and Fong Kay Yian putting up a commendable fight. In the Group C Boys 1m Synchronized, the gold went to Hanis Nazirul and Jellson Jabillin of Malaysia with a score of 180.57. Silver went to Pavel Azyamov and Marsel Zaynetdinov of Uzbekistan. The last event of the day was the Group C Girls 1m Synchronized event, Jade Sweeney and Kennedy Cooper sneaked into first place with just a four point lead over Zhang Han Yi and Jin Yue Bo.

For Day Two, Session One, it commenced with the Open Men’s 3m event, Mark Lee did Singapore proud, bringing home the gold with a score of 339.75. Nick Jeffree from NSW took silver with a score of 313.05. For the second event, the Open Women’s 3m, Choi Sut Ian from Macau came in first with a score of 272.20. Coming in second place is Isabella Ashdown from NSW with a score of 252.90. In third is Maddison Pullinger from NSW with a score of 236.50. The 3m Age A Men followed after, where Nathan Calman dominated the event with a score of 447.70. Nick Jeffree came in second with a score of 427.60. Bronze went to Tang Hio Fong with 362.75. For the 3m Age A Women’s event, Lo I Teng won the gold medal with a score of 393.05, Isabella Ashdown in silver with 379.85, Ho Iek Lam in third with 295.45.

Moving on to the Platform Age C Men, Hanis Nazirul clinched goal with 320.15, Muhammad Syahmi came in second with 264.05, and bronze went to Pavel Azyamov of Uzbekistan 252.85. In the Platform Age C Women’s event, Megan Teoh secured gold with 240.15, Jade Sweeney in second with 201.80, Ng Pui Lam in third with 197.40. In the Women’s Open Platform, Freida Lim of Singapore finished with a score of 212.90, Myra Lee in second with 179.90 and Kimberly Chan in third with 177.15. In the 1m Age B Men, Botirov Doston of Uzbekistan won the gold medal with a 35 point lead to over Ben On, Ulyan Ten finished in third with a commendable score of 280.15.

The final event of the session one was the 1m Age B Women, where NSW’s young talent Maddison Pullinger performed an excellent set of dives to claim the gold medal with 328.95. Ashlee Tan came in second with 283.10, and Diyora Nurkhanov of Uzbekistan in third with 263.80. Day Two, Session Two started with the Open Women’s 1m event. Isabella Ashdown bagged the Gold Medal with a score of 233.65, Maddison Pullinger in silver with a score of 230.10, and Ashlee Tan in bronze with a score of 194.80. For the 1m Age C Men, Hanis Nazirul easily won the gold medal over the other competitors with 329.60. Pavel Azyamov from Uzbekistan came in second with 256.35, and Gabriel Gilbert from Malaysia in third with a score of 246.15. Moving on to the 1m Age C Women’s event, Megan Teoh clinched her third gold medal with a score of 270.60. Millicent Marks came in second with a score of 221.80, Ng Pui Lam came in third with a score of 214.10.

In the Age Junior 1m Men’s event, Mikhail Bajukov scored 184.60 and won the gold medal, Khusan Ladfarov walked away with second with 166.85. In the Age Junior 1m Women’s event, Alina Usmanova finished first with 153.30, Wang Shi Han in second, and Cui Li Xin in third with 130.00. In the Platform Age A Men’s event, Nick Jeffree from NSW did a new perfect set of dives, winning the event with 522.75. Team mate Nathan Calman finished with a silver medal, and Mirzakhid Mirkarimov finished third with 328.20. In the Women’s Platform Age A, Lo I Teng brought gold back home for Macau with a score of 350.60, Freida Lim in second with a commendable score of 322.35, and Kristina Amiraslanova in third with a score of 256.45. Over to the 3m Age B Men’s, Ben On came in top with 365.65, with Ulyan Ten following behind with 277.90.

In the final event of the competition, the Women’s 3m Age B event, Maddison Pullinger pushed through the 6 competitors and sealed the event with 365.10. Singapore’s Ashlee Tan, managed to pull off second with 299.00, and Hannah Tam in third with 287.65. Excellent job to all divers!

Results can be downloaded here: https://app.box.com/s/kqkegpw3v8dfgc1yppsm

TYR 2nd SEA Swimming Championships 2014

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The TYR 2nd SEA Swimming Championships Diving competition was held at the new OCBC Aquatic Centre from the 23th to the 24th of June 2014. A total of 18 divers participated in this event, with athletes from Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, and Phillipines.

On Day one of the competition, Singapore’s top synchro pairs Timothy and Mark Lee, and Fong Kayyian and Myra Lee competed in the 3m synchronized men’s and women’s springboard. The twin brothers managed to clinge Gold in the event with a score of 343.77, a 19 point lead over the Indonesian pair. Fong Kay Yian and Myra Lee brought home silver with 239.58 points, losing out to the Malaysia by just 22 points. In the afternoon, Mark and Timothy competed against 6 other divers in the 1m individual event and emerged first and second respectively with a score of 319.80 and 308.35 points.  Shortly after, in the 3m women’s event, Singapore’s Myra Lee and Fong Kayyian challenged the strong Malaysian divers for the medals and managed a podium finish. Myra Lee pulled off silver with 261.20 points, while Fong Kay Yian settled for bronze  with a commendable score of 257.75.

Day two kicked off with the 1m women’s springboard with a total of 5 divers. Jasmine Lai of Malaysia sealed that event with a high score of 238.20, while Myra Lee took silver place with 212.05 and Adeline Chin took bronze. The 3m men’s event followed, with competitors from the Phillipines and Indonesia,  the pressure was on Timothy Lee and Mark Lee. Despite that, the Singaporean brothers managed to pulled it together and clinched Gold and Silver. Timothy with a score of 368.55, and Mark with a score of 364.40. The final event was the women’s platform event, where Freida Lim finished 2nd with a score of 188.20, and Myra Lee bronze with a score of 180.40.

Here is the medal tally

  Gold Silver Bronze
Indonesia 2 2 0
Singapore 3 6 2
Philippines 1 1 4
Malaysia 3 0 1

Well done divers! You have done Singapore Proud!

Detailed results can be found here!


50th Malaysia National Age Group Championships 2014

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The 50th Malaysia National Age Group Championships 2014 took place from the 18th – 20th April 2014 in Seremban. Singapore sent a team of 11 divers who competed against divers from Malaysia, Indonesia, Macau, Beijing, and Uzbekistan.

On Day 1 of the competition, Ashlee and Kelsey competed in the 3m Springboard Group B Girls event. Ashlee came in 2nd 262.70, Kelsey scored 194.95 and finished 6th. For the Platform Group C Boys event, Lee Yi scored 166.45, finishing in 11th place while Joshua finished 13th with 158.85. Arielle Lynn Huang, Mira and Melissa competed in the Platform Group C Girls, coming in 2nd with a score of 176.65, 4th with a score of 129.15, and 8th with 117.25. Moving on to the 1m Springboard Group A Girls, Fong Kay Yian beat Zhou Yuan from China and brought home gold with 334.40 points, and Freida Lim finished 4th with 276.70 points.

On Day 2 of the competition, Jonathan kicked off the day by bringing home another old medal in the Platform Group A Boys event with a score of 485.25. Freida Lim came then in first for the Platform Group A Girls with 261.25 points. During the 1m Springboard Group B Girls, Ashlee Tan clinched 2nd place with 262.50 points. Lee Yi took part in the 3m Springboard Group C Boys event and came in 8th with a score of 176.00.

On the third and final day of competition, Jonathan Chan brought home his second gold in the 3m Springboard Group A Boys event, with a score of 454.55. Joshua competed in the 1m Springboard Group C Boys, coming in 11th 187.85. For the 1m Springboard Group C Girls, Mira finished 8th with 146.20 points, and Lara 9th with 143.85 points.

Good job to all divers!

4th Singapore Diving Grand Prix 2014

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Singapore Diving hosted its 4th Singapore Diving Grand Prix at Toa Payoh Swimming Complex from the 5th to the 6th April 2014. A total of 54 athletes competed,  from Aerotumblers Diving Club, Ngee Ann Aquatic Diving, Aquatic Performance Swim Club, and Torpedo Dive School.

Detailed results can be found here!