Updates: Singapore National Diving Championships 2014 (05-06 July 2014)

The Singapore National Diving Championships took place at the OCBC Aquatic Centre, on 5th -6th July 2014. A total of 54 divers took part in this competition, with athletes from Macau, Beijing, New South Wales (NSW), Uzbekistan, and Singapore.

Day One of competition kicked off with the FINA 1m Age A Men event, where Nathan Calman brought took the Gold for NSW, leaving Mirkarimov Mirzakhid with silver, and Tang Hio Fong with bronze. The 1m Age A Women’s event Lo I Teng of Macau sealed the gold medal with a score of 392.55. Isabella Ashdown came in second with a score of 355.75 and Kristina Amiraslanova, bronze with 288.95. Platform Age B Women’s followed shortly after, with Maddison Pullinger bagging the Gold with 304.75, Hannah Tam in silver with 220.95, and Angelina Shmidt in bronze with 218.35. For the 3m Age C Boys event, Hanis Nazirul of Malaysia came in first with a score of 346.80, silver went to Lei Wai Shing with a score of 305.30, and bronze went to Jellson Jabillin, 301.55.

In the 3m Age C Womens event, Malaysia continued its streak with Megan Teoh coming in first, having a 23 point lead over Ng Pui Lam, and leaving Millicent Marks with a bronze medal, 242.10. Open Men Synchonized 3m featured twin brothers Timothy and Mark Lee and put up a stable set of dives to leave them with Gold with a score of 361.11. Second place went to Tang Hio Fong and Lei Wai Shing 257.10. Third went to Botirov Doston and Khasanov Botir of Uzbekistan with 249.36.

The next event was the Open Women’s Synchronised 3m, with tight competition between Singapore’s top diving women’s pair and experienced Macau divers. After the 5 rounds of dives Macau emerged victorious with Myra Lee and Fong Kay Yian putting up a commendable fight. In the Group C Boys 1m Synchronized, the gold went to Hanis Nazirul and Jellson Jabillin of Malaysia with a score of 180.57. Silver went to Pavel Azyamov and Marsel Zaynetdinov of Uzbekistan. The last event of the day was the Group C Girls 1m Synchronized event, Jade Sweeney and Kennedy Cooper sneaked into first place with just a four point lead over Zhang Han Yi and Jin Yue Bo.

For Day Two, Session One, it commenced with the Open Men’s 3m event, Mark Lee did Singapore proud, bringing home the gold with a score of 339.75. Nick Jeffree from NSW took silver with a score of 313.05. For the second event, the Open Women’s 3m, Choi Sut Ian from Macau came in first with a score of 272.20. Coming in second place is Isabella Ashdown from NSW with a score of 252.90. In third is Maddison Pullinger from NSW with a score of 236.50. The 3m Age A Men followed after, where Nathan Calman dominated the event with a score of 447.70. Nick Jeffree came in second with a score of 427.60. Bronze went to Tang Hio Fong with 362.75. For the 3m Age A Women’s event, Lo I Teng won the gold medal with a score of 393.05, Isabella Ashdown in silver with 379.85, Ho Iek Lam in third with 295.45.

Moving on to the Platform Age C Men, Hanis Nazirul clinched goal with 320.15, Muhammad Syahmi came in second with 264.05, and bronze went to Pavel Azyamov of Uzbekistan 252.85. In the Platform Age C Women’s event, Megan Teoh secured gold with 240.15, Jade Sweeney in second with 201.80, Ng Pui Lam in third with 197.40. In the Women’s Open Platform, Freida Lim of Singapore finished with a score of 212.90, Myra Lee in second with 179.90 and Kimberly Chan in third with 177.15. In the 1m Age B Men, Botirov Doston of Uzbekistan won the gold medal with a 35 point lead to over Ben On, Ulyan Ten finished in third with a commendable score of 280.15.

The final event of the session one was the 1m Age B Women, where NSW’s young talent Maddison Pullinger performed an excellent set of dives to claim the gold medal with 328.95. Ashlee Tan came in second with 283.10, and Diyora Nurkhanov of Uzbekistan in third with 263.80. Day Two, Session Two started with the Open Women’s 1m event. Isabella Ashdown bagged the Gold Medal with a score of 233.65, Maddison Pullinger in silver with a score of 230.10, and Ashlee Tan in bronze with a score of 194.80. For the 1m Age C Men, Hanis Nazirul easily won the gold medal over the other competitors with 329.60. Pavel Azyamov from Uzbekistan came in second with 256.35, and Gabriel Gilbert from Malaysia in third with a score of 246.15. Moving on to the 1m Age C Women’s event, Megan Teoh clinched her third gold medal with a score of 270.60. Millicent Marks came in second with a score of 221.80, Ng Pui Lam came in third with a score of 214.10.

In the Age Junior 1m Men’s event, Mikhail Bajukov scored 184.60 and won the gold medal, Khusan Ladfarov walked away with second with 166.85. In the Age Junior 1m Women’s event, Alina Usmanova finished first with 153.30, Wang Shi Han in second, and Cui Li Xin in third with 130.00. In the Platform Age A Men’s event, Nick Jeffree from NSW did a new perfect set of dives, winning the event with 522.75. Team mate Nathan Calman finished with a silver medal, and Mirzakhid Mirkarimov finished third with 328.20. In the Women’s Platform Age A, Lo I Teng brought gold back home for Macau with a score of 350.60, Freida Lim in second with a commendable score of 322.35, and Kristina Amiraslanova in third with a score of 256.45. Over to the 3m Age B Men’s, Ben On came in top with 365.65, with Ulyan Ten following behind with 277.90.

In the final event of the competition, the Women’s 3m Age B event, Maddison Pullinger pushed through the 6 competitors and sealed the event with 365.10. Singapore’s Ashlee Tan, managed to pull off second with 299.00, and Hannah Tam in third with 287.65. Excellent job to all divers!

Results can be downloaded here: https://app.box.com/s/kqkegpw3v8dfgc1yppsm

~ by Singapore Diving on July 7, 2014.

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