19th FINA World Junior Diving Championships 2012

Singapore Diving competed at the 19th FINA World Junior Diving Championships held in Adelaide, Australia from 8 – 13 October 2012. The team consisted of Timothy Lee, Mark Lee, Jonathan Chan, Myra Lee and Fong Kay Yian.

Below is the summary of the results:

8 October

Boys A – 3m, Preliminary
Timothy Lee: 402.15 pts (33rd)
Mark Lee: 391.85 pts (34th)

9 October

Girls A – 1m, Preliminary
Fong Kay Yian: 278.30 pts (33rd)
Myra Lee: 254.20 pts (34th)

Boys A/B – 3m Synchro
Timothy Lee & Mark Lee: 215.94 pts (15th)

10 October

Girls A – 3m, Preliminary
Fong Kay Yian: 329.40 pts (33rd)
Myra Lee: 287.05 pts (36th)

11 October

Boys A – 1m, Preliminary
Timothy Lee: 388.35 pts (26th)
Mark Lee: 352.15 pts (29th)

Boys B – Platform, Preliminary
Jonathan Chan: 296.95 pts (22nd)

Girls A/B – 3m Synchro
Myra Lee & Fong Kay Yian: 197.13 pts (15th)

12 October

Boys B – 3m, Preliminary
Jonathan Chan: 308.40 pts (29th)

~ by Singapore Diving on October 17, 2012.

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