Technical Meeting

Technical Meeting

Technical Meeting was conducted today at the hotel. Jesus Mena (Organising Chairman and Chairman of FINA TDC), Cornel Marculescu (FINA Exec Dir), Georgia Fyrigou-Consolo (TDC Hon Sec), Steve McFarland and Edwin Chong (TDC Members) were the FINA delegates present at this meeting.

Mena opened the meeting with a welcome address and introduced Guadalajara as the host city of the Pan American Games 2011. Marculescu spoke about the importance of the inaugural YOG for the development of youth sports. He also highlighted the prominence of Diving as an emerging sport which has always been attracting lots of media attention.

Mena next reviewed the competition rules of YOG diving and also the rules for the Qualifying event. For the qualifying event, each NOC is allowed to enter 1 diver per event. There are no restrictions to thenumber of events each diver can enter. However some NOCs have entered 2 divers per event and have requested in the meeting to allow them to do so. I raised the issue that the preliminaries will be prolonged possibly up to 4 hours if NOCs are allowed to do that, and thus will be tiring for the athletes and the event may overrun. With the objection of 2 other NOCs, Mena rejected the proposal.

With this clarification, NOCs with 2 divers enter in an event are now required to scratch 1 diver from the start list. China has 2 divers in each event (Qiu Bo, Zhang Yanquan, Liu Jiao and Zhou Yu).I expected them to strategise to dominate the Singapore YOG by possibly gunning for all 4 gold medals at stake. This will mean selecting only 1 boy and 1 girl to do 2 event each. However, they have selected all 4 divers to do an event each. This means they aim to dominate the Qualifying Event (Qiu Bo -3m, Zhang Yanquan -PF, Liu Jiao-3m and Zhou Yu-PF) and forsake the chance to capture all 4 gold medals at YOG.

The final start list is as follows:

Timothy faces 18 competitors in Boys 3m, Chloe has 14 competitors in Girls 3m and Myra has 10 in Girls Platform. This means Myra is assured of a place in the Platform Finals where top 12 divers from the preliminaries will advance to. Subsequently, top 9 divers in the Finals will qualify for Singapore YOG. Note that our divers are given automatic places in the YOG as athletes of the host country.

With the starting line up confirmed and the competition rules clarified, we are all ready for a excellent showdown in Boys 3m and Girls Platform tomorrow and the Girls 3m and Boys Platform on 13 March!

~ by Singapore Diving on March 12, 2010.

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