Hui Ru at UK Winter Masters 2009

Written by Hui Ru, on her experience at the UK Winter Masters competition.

Held at the new Corby Midlands Pool on 21 and 22 November 2009, the UK Winter Masters was the last event held by the Great Britain Diving Federation for the year 2009. The day of the first competition started with approximately an hour of warm-up for the divers competing in the day’s events. It was very interesting to see people from all over the UK (and even the Netherlands and Italy) warm up for their competition events, and the different dives they were doing. I was actually rather fascinated by the pool venue. It was warm inside the pool building (!), and there was a fenced off gallery on the second floor, which is where spectators were supposedly to sit. However, as most of the spectators were also competitors, everyone simply gathered around the poolside to watch.

Immediately after warm up, the various events started. It was actually rather odd being the only Asian in the entire competition: the announcer couldn’t decide whether to call me Tan, Hui, Ru, or Hui Ru, or Ruth – in the two days of competition, I kept being called by various names. During the competition itself, it felt more like a very stressful training instead of being a competition. I was quite nervous though, as I had not trained anywhere near enough. Quite unexpectedly, I got the following scores:

401c 1m 23.10
101c 3m 21.70
103c 1m 27.20
301b 3m 30.40
TOTAL 102.40
(only 4 dives because I was entered in Novices 18-29)

Happily, I thought that was the end and I can just watch the next day in peace. Unfortunately or fortunately, that wasn’t the case. I was pulled in to pair up with Frank (another diver from Amersham Swimming Club) for Synchro (Open) and also, convinced to join the Novices Footloose category the next day. In other words, I would be going for competition without having trained for it at all. It was probably a good thing that I entered, because although we didn’t place for the Synchro event, I did place for the Footloose event:

402c 1m 28.00
5122d 1m 26.60
302c 3m 34.00
TOTAL 88.60

All in all, for a first event, I definitely did not have bad results. However, this is because I entered the Novices events – had I trained more, I possibly would have been able to enter the Masters’ event instead – and definitely would not have placed at all.

If there is the chance in the future for any of us to take part in UK Spring/Winter Masters or the European Masters (Dutch Masters @ Eindhoven), it would be good for exposure, I think.

~ by Singapore Diving on January 2, 2010.

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