Macau Invitational Day One and Two!

Day One

We set off for Macau on a Tiger airways flight to Macau in the morning.

Emily had to pull out of the competition because of an ankle injury-she dropped me the bomb at 5am via sms.I took 20 minutes in a half-asleep mode thinking what is the best course of action. I called her to go for Doctor’s consultation at SMSS Clinic first thing in the morning. She had to miss the flight as she was not able to compete but I suggested that she still fly to Macau to learn from watching the competition. She is finally coming to Macau on Friday night despite initial resistance from her parents.

We arrived in Macau on a hazy, cool afternoon. Macau’s Coach Yang  received us and took us to the Hotel. As the check in took a long while, we had to cancel the running session and headed straight for dinner at a Chinese restaurant that’s across the street. The dishes are Northern China style and very oily and thus didn’t really appeal to the team.

We headed for evening training at the Aquatic Centre and the Macau team was already training at the pool. Our divers were a little overawed by the dives the Macau team did. Lei Sio I, the Macau diver who competed at AYG was training as well- a familiar face!

The Aquatic Centre is an indoor pool built in time for the 2005 East Asian Games. It is a 15 minutes walk from our hotel.  The Centre has a 50 metre Swimming Pool and a 25X25m Diving Pool with an adjustable depth of up to 5m. The pool is good for short course swimming. There are no dryland training facilities.Macau divers had to live with crash mats,a mini trampoline and nothing else. How lucky are we in Singapore, with all the dryland stuff.

No footwear is allowed in the pool deck and we either have to take it off at the door or wear a protective cover over our shoes.

The training session ended at 10pm. We were all dead beat. Bryant crashed soon after he washed up. I stayed up to clear my emails.Kelly and En Yun knocked on my door at 11.30pm, thinking that it was 10.30pm and were definitely in playful mode trying to have some fun! They ran back into their room after realising the actual time.  Lights out was 11pm!

Day Two

We woke up for breakfast at 7am. Breakfast at the Hotel was a simple buffet fare. We were the first patrons and fortunately a huge group of noisy tourists were ushered a different room for breakfast.

I led the run during Conditioning session at 8.30am and covered about 2.5km around the Football stadium. We did static exercises at the Roundabout and spent the last moments at the Hotel Gym. After that, it was nap time for me! Bryant went for a massage while the girls were played games in their room. Orla went for a run around Macau!

Lunch was at the Macdonald’s after we refused to dine in a HK style cafe where patrons were heavily puffing away around us.We had cheesecake for dessert! sinful but yummy..

The divers did afternoon training while I found a sitting spot near the entrance where there is aircon. It can get quite stuffy and humid in the indoor pool as the air conditioning wasn’t switched on. As we took our usual route back to hotel,some of the divers decided not to wear shorts over the wet suits.omg..

After the afternoon rest time, we had dinner at a nearby HK style Cafe. Food is quite tasty and we might find ourselves back there again!

Evening Training was together with the Macau team again and we witnessed some intensive hour-long basic dryland work on some junior Macau divers. The Macau Swimming Association invited a top Chinese Coach from Guangdong to conduct the diving training as well as conduct a workshop for the local judges in preparation for the competition.

I met up with Viena, Chairman of the Macau TDC, whom i have known from the Tokyo Judges School in August this year.

We left the pool at 9.30pm and headed straight back to hotel. Early rest for all!

~ by Singapore Diving on October 22, 2009.

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