Singapore Diving is born!

This blog serves as a platform for me to diary the journey of Singapore Diving.

I am tasked to manage the development of Singapore Diving from its foetal stage to a organisation capable of holding a world class diving competition in Singapore and to have divers competing at the world stage. A very ambitious plan indeed- but with the leadership of Lee Kok Choy (SSA – VP, Diving and Open Water), we believe it was possible.

We had to act boldly and swiftly. And we had no time to lose.

In November 2008, we searched for a diving coach to kickstart our training programme. Orla Gilmore, who is our National Youth Development Coach now, was referred to us by Sarah Mayo, who coaches Diving at UWC.

In December 2008, we invited Edwin Chong (MAS) and Robin Hood (NZL), both prominent figures in the world of diving, to Singapore to advise us on starting a Diving Programme and to build up our Technical expertise. These aspects are critical as we are expected to host AYG (June 2009) and YOG Diving (August 2010) with our own team of Technical Officials and to fill up the 4 automatic berths in the Diving Competitions.

In March 2009, we had the first intake of divers. Kelly, Emily, Elaine, Enyun, Huiru, Eunice, Benedict, Sahara, Bayan, Khayam, Victoria, Alison and Kristin. We trained 3 times a week at Queenstown Pool. Soon after, more trainees joined us- Xuanjing, Bryant, Myra, XinMin, Arizir, Chloe.

~ by Singapore Diving on March 7, 2009.

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